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Synthesis of style and quality

Plumbing is the basis for the functionality and harmonization of the bathroom space. Thanks to her, this purely utilitarian room can be turned into a place for pleasant relaxation, rest after a busy day, or, conversely, a boost of energy in the morning.

We have a wide range of luxury premium sanitary ware for both small and large bathrooms. Only the highest quality materials are used for its manufacture: ceramics, glass, precious metals, stainless steel. Such items do not lose their attractive appearance when exposed to moisture, steam, temperature changes.

Any style — art deco, modern, provence, hi-tech, as well as classic, modern, Scandinavian and others.

Ariana Houseoffers to buy premium sanitary ware from Italy and Germany at a bargain price. We will supply you with plumbing fixtures from popular European manufacturers.

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